Effective end forming

TM Tube Systems perform conventional forming with mandrills to make end forming of the pipe. But with the advantage that several operation steps is combined in one operation and one tool. I.e. that end forming, adjust & final cutting and calibration is done in the same operation. This means that we can end form pipes conventionally with tight tolerances because the product is not transported between each operation.

It is also possible to add other operational steps  when end forming, one such example is hole punching. To get the pipe a trumpet shaped end we are using another method to form the material. We roll the material at the end of the pipe. Another way to end form is to roll the material when forming, this will give the pipe a trumpet shaped end.

We also have machines for beading of pipes.

With our set-up process a lot of different end shapes  could be available, examples of shapes is D-shaped, oval-shaped, pie-shape and bead. All these operation steps can also be performed in our prototype shop or low volume production.